Showroom Technology

Showroom Technology

Providing complete showroom technology services for new and existing showrooms.

If there is one area that all of our clients benefit largely from is our showroom technology services group in supporting shows large and small, simple and complicated, across multiple venues.

Core Elements provides complete showroom technology services for new and existing showrooms. We have over a decade of experience helping sales agencies and manufacturers reach their market readiness goals from preparation to in-show support services. For every show venue, our team of professionals are on-site several days in advance providing systems maintenance and testing ensuring all order systems and associated devices are ready for opening day.

Here is a just a sampling of services we provide to clients:

We welcome the opportunity to share our commitment for all your showroom technology needs.

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“ We began using Core Elements (CE) as part of a larger push to bring more consistency and uniformity to how we handled our tech needs in all the Kalalou showrooms throughout the country. The CE team was able to address all of our concerns and meet the challenges we faced with previous solutions. They were able to accommodate us with not only the equipment needed but also the planning and execution that would make our system operate thoroughly and simply after implementation.”
Charlie Townsend, US Showrooms Coordinator