Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services

A single point of contact for your company with the expertise to solve issues allowing you to focus on the business.

Technology is an integral piece in just about every line of business today. As the role of technology increases and permeates throughout the business, demand for help desk support increases as well. If workers are struggling with their computer, an application, or mobile device, they will easily become frustrated and their productivity can suffer.

Core Elements is uniquely positioned to be that single point of contact for your company with the expertise to solve technology issues, provide guidance, train users, or proxy for other service entities making it easier for you to focus on the business.

Unlike many of today's local technical service shops, who use a one-size-fits-all approach, Core Elements is very different in its offering with more personalized, scalable services that helps keep some or all of your users satisfied. Our expertise in the industry’s sales order management systems, applications, and ordering devices directly lead to improved usability and reliability. And with our Help Desk Services, you can have a dedicated toll-free number and support email address along with a web support portal to enter requests and find answers to common questions.

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“ With our managed IT services partnership with CORE Elements, we have the confidence to continue growing our business. The professionals at CORE Elements are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and they truly understand our industry. We know we are a better company because of CORE Elements! ”
John Keiser, CEO, OneCoast