Backup, Recovery, Security & Protection

Backup, Recovery, Security & Protection

Managed backup, recovery service and securing your system are some of the most important investments you make.

Backup & Recovery

Every company knows important business data needs protected and backed up. However, are those practices in place and followed daily in a reliable and secure way? While the content, importance, and location of the data may vary, the processes behind a successful backup strategy are universal.

A managed backup and recovery service might be one of the most important investments your company and contractor community makes. Without a solid backup solution, everything hangs in the balance when disaster strikes. If your system crashes or hardware fails, you want to make sure everything is in place to restore both the applications and corresponding data on to a replacement (or temporary) system.

Core Elements works closely with customers to conduct a thorough discovery process in order to fully understand where the important data resides and establish retention requirements. We create a data protection program aligned with those specific needs, then monitor and manage the program on a daily basis to ensure effective execution and overall reliability.

Our managed solution minimizes the cost and challenges associated with integrating and managing multiple backup and recovery solutions.


  • Daily full and/or incremental options customized to the type of data and the frequency of changes
  • Archive data from 2 weeks to 5+ years
  • Secure management of critical backup data with enhanced authentication
  • Pay-as-you-grow expansion capability without total technology change
  • Centralized backup with advanced monitoring of individual systems backup statuses

Security & Protection

Securing your systems and data is essential to protecting your business and maintaining customer confidence in today’s business environment. Protecting critical data across multiple devices and locations is very challenging but essential and is often mandated by industry-specific regulations, Internet threats, such as viruses, malicious spyware, computer worms, botnets, and hackers. In addition, there is the natural threat of a lost or stolen device.

Core Elements is addressing these on-going challenges by deploying security technologies across the business landscape from end devices to servers to network access. Combined with centralized deployment and monitoring platforms, we bring security and protection under control and management providing greater peace of mind that your IT computing systems are safe and protected.

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“ With our managed IT services partnership with CORE Elements, we have the confidence to continue growing our business. The professionals at CORE Elements are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and they truly understand our industry. We know we are a better company because of CORE Elements! ”
John Keiser, CEO, OneCoast