Our value proposition includes a commitment to seeking and negotiating partnerships with best-of breed companies.

As technology solutions become more pervasive and complex, it is essential that Core Elements continue to evaluate potential partnerships. Our value proposition includes a commitment to seek and negotiate partnerships with best-of breed companies then offer to our clients those quality proven technologies and solutions. We are proud to work with such strong industry partners.


Brandwise is a trusted industry technology partner that provides an integrated suite of sales tools for suppliers and their sales organizations. We combine digital product presentation, comprehensive order capture, B2B e-commerce, seamless order integration and detailed business analytics to enhance communications and efficiency between suppliers, their sales channels and their customers. Our award-winning suite of software tools has helped thousands of agencies and suppliers grow their sales and streamline their processes for the past 20 years.

To learn more about Brandwise, please contact our sales department at or visit us on our website:

“We have worked with many technology professionals from Core Elements, including a few key members of their even before there was a Core Elements! Their experience with the Brandwise solution is unmatched by any other service provider within our industry. We highly recommend them for all your Brandwise showroom and road support needs.”

Jannetta Litzman,
Chief Financial Officer
Brandwise, Inc.


EMUN is focused on delivering your best-in-class solution for sales automation. Designed to make the buying and selling experience fast and streamlined, yet packed with all the functionality you need. EMUN handles all of the day-to-day business requirements for direct Manufacturer and Multi-vendor Agency Sales Representative models.

Whatever your business process is for pricing, discounting, and promoting your product, EMUN adapts to your needs. We help you make the most out of every moment you have with your customers. Whether it’s using our CRM to manage the entire lifecycle of your prospects and customers, managing the performance and behavior of your sales team, entering manufacturers invoices, or producing commission statements for sales reps, EMUN provides all of this and more enabling companies to full manage multi-channel customer engagements.

To learn more about EMUN and our solution, please visit our site.

“We partnered with CORE Elements due to their deep domain, experience, and industry knowledge. They share our passion and vision in addressing the needs of our clients with complementary IT services and solutions.”

Donald Walker, President
EMUN Incorporated

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